What are good gamertags to use on Xbox Live?


I’ve put in virtually ten years on Xbox Live playing video games, and I have both personally seen hundreds of thousands of names, as well as possessed a lot more than a few. However, through most of that time, I am able to without question inform you about all the best Xbox Live gamertags - they all are actual words. 
Picture this, now when was another instance which you spotted a new gamertag that floored you? Not really a funny gamertag, only one which you believed had been awesome. I imagine that this has been a while. This is due to many names on Xbox Live are generally uninspired. Without a doubt, there are many of methods to generate good Xbox Live gamertags that have been trendy on one occasion or another. 
Many of these older, popular aliases will still be pretty good, or at the very least, the technique employed to create them can still be helpful to come up with good Xbox Live names. Years back, among the initial preferred trends connected with adjusting an internet handle ended up being to section off a name using a capitalized ‘I’ for both ends in the alias, effectively book-ending it. Afterward, it had been the plain ‘i’ on both sides. You can nevertheless see this style currently with people using ‘O’s and ‘X’s much of the time.
Soon after all these, gamers began emulating the original gamertags, that are the ones based on real words and phrases. You can still see this style nowadays, for example I was inside a general public game earlier with a person who was playing under the name 'Excellent', yet had changed his tag's lowercase ‘L’ into a capital ‘I’. This really is even now among the more popular trends simply because games much like the numerous Call of Duty and Modern Warfare games use a font which makes it difficult to distinguish the difference regarding the letters. These types of names had been so well received that some people actually set about using them with the lowercase ‘I’ for an funny change. 
Because of their rarity, that is why all the best gamertags on Xbox Live will always be actual words. Look at it this way, there are only a limited number of words in the English language, paired with a brand new person becoming a member of Xbox Live just about every 2 seconds, it's only a question of time until each of the good gamertags will be taken. At a minimum, thinking of names that are appropriate for gamertags and after that checking their availability is really a difficult endeavor.
This is exactly why the best gamertags in Xbox Live will always be real words. It's because they are really rare and difficult to find. Think of just how envious your friends as well as other people would be if you had an original name. Imagine if you went in to a room and you saw people with names like ‘Samurai’, 'Knight', ‘Wild’, ‘Acid’, 'Wow', or any of a variety of cool Xbox Live gamertags. Without even any of these players even just saying something, you already know that they are going to turn out to be hardcore gamers. It is because gamertags such as these convey  rank, maturity, along with talent, and this is the reason why the best gamertags on Xbox Live are always real words. 


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